Eulan is a liquid, which is freely diluted in different proportions with water and easily connected to the protein of the skin, fur and feathers, and then not assimilated by insects.

How to use:

  1. For processing the treated skins is better to take 2% of Eulan from skin weight (the skin is weighed before washing);
  2. Eulan is diluted in enough water to cover the entire skin (but not more than 1:100);
  3. In the solution, the skin is soaked for 20-30 minutes

Periodically stir the solution to ensure access to all parts of the skin, tail etc. then remove the skin and drain off excess liquid, drop for 20 minutes in 3% acetic acid solution. Then rinse the skin with water, dry and start working with it.

When using the tool you need to use gloves and goggles.

Modelight & Modelight Soft

Take the same pieces from both components, mix it by hands. When you make an uniform mass, you will have 1-1,5 hours to work. Then compound starts to solidify. It becomes totally hard in 24 hours.


Two-component polyurethane system used in the manufacture of artificial stones, coasters, and the alteration of mannequins. Two components A (light) and B (dark) are mixed in equal quantities (1:1 kg). When stirring, it is necessary to use a drill (stirrer) with a speed of 3000 rpm, a disc diameter of 60 mm for 10 seconds at a temperature of 20°C. after an hour, the material is fully hardened and processed.